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23 April 2024

Explore the Wonders of Lake Garda: Ponale Path, Madonna della Corona Sanctuar...

Welcome to the official blog of the Garda Lake Collection , your gateway to the natural and historical wonders of Lake Garda. Today we invite you to discover three of the most fascinating and sought-after experiences in the region: the Sentiero del Ponale, the Madonna della Corona Sanctuary and the tour of the lake by bike. 1. Sentiero del Ponale: A Walk Between History and Nature The Sentiero del Ponale is one of the most iconic routes on Lake Garda, which starts from Riva del Garda and ...

03 December 2023

The Mini Guide to Food Fairs and Events on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a multi-faceted destination. When you choose to stay on its world-famous shores, you can let your imagination run wild and try new experiences, or focus on the peacefulness of the landscape, thanks to the surrounding nature. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure, here you'll find everything you are seeking.  >> Also see Three unmissable activities immersed in Malcesine's natural landscape If instead your idea of a holiday is t...

01 November 2023

Plan a getaway to Sirmione

One of the unmissable destinations on Lake Garda is undoubtedly the small hamlet of Sirmione.  One of a kind, Sirmione lies on a thin strip of land which separates the lower Garda lake into the gulfs of Peschiera and Desenzano. The only access point to the historic centre is the drawbridge of Scagliero Castle (one of the best preserved castles in Italy), because it is slightly detached from terra firma: this makes it look like a floating island. Things you cannot miss: Despit...

07 September 2023

6 ideas about what to do in autumn on Lake Garda

Many people think Lake Garda is a place to be enjoyed in the summer season only... Do you think so too? In this article we will make you think again. Autumn around the lake offers wonderful days, clear skies, colours to be admired and food and wine not to be missed. We have come up with 6 ideas on what to do in autumn on Lake Garda: whether you want to experience days full of sport and movement or prefer to discover the first fruits and the goodness of the area, you’ll find what you a...

15 July 2023

What to do on the venetian shore of Lake Garda

What if you're on the Venetian shore of Lake Garda? Well, some advice on what to do would be helpful, wouldn't it?! … That's what we are here for! This side of the lake also offers many experiences and activities to enjoy. THIS ARTICLE IS FOR PEOPLE WISHING TO GO ON HOLIDAY ON THE VENETIAN SHORE OF LAKE GARDA! On this page, you'll find interesting information about well-known places and hidden gems, and the things you can do during your stay on the Veneti...

19 June 2023

Incredible Mountain Bike Excursions on the Lake

Are you a cyclist ? We bet you know Lake Garda, then! Well, it's a known fact. “Lake Garda is considered to be the Mountain bike Mecca”. Don't take our word for it - Ulrich Stanciu, the famous journalist who publishes the Bike and EMTB magazine, said it! Ulrich is undoubtedly a mountain-biking pioneer in Europe. Today's article is inspired by the one written by and features some of the best trails selected by Ulrich on Lake Garda! H...

21 March 2023

What do in Salò and Surrounding areas

Dear Reader, it’s us again! We've back to share more information we think you'll find useful. We want to tell you about all the activities you can do if you stay in Salò or the surrounding areas.   THIS ARTICLE IS FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR A HOLIDAY NEAR SALÒ! On this page, you'll find interesting information about well-known places and hidden gems, and the things you just have to do during your stay on the Brescia shore of Lake Garda. Here are so...

08 February 2023

The 5 best places to visit on Lake Garda

Have you ever thought of going on a trip to explore Lake Garda? If so, have you ever wondered what the most beautiful things to visit are? In this article, we've decided to continue focusing on experiences and choose some that are really worth living. We've narrowed it down to 5, which we consider to be the most sensational to try on Lake Garda. 1 • Heller Garden - Website WHAT IS HELLER GARDEN? Heller Garden is an extraordinary 10000 m2 garden home to...

08 January 2023

Three unmissable activities immersed in Malcesine's natural landscape

Lake Garda isn't only about relaxation and well-being; it also has many activities to offer!  Malcesine, in particular, provides for many outdoor sports thanks to its surrounding nature. In this article, we want to talk about 3 specific activities: cycling, hiking and paragliding.     Cycling Any bonafide cyclist knows that Malcesine is a truly unique destination. Here, there are many trails and scenic routes worth exploring; these are of varying difficulty an...

16 May 2022

A dream wedding

EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE PERFECT. I strongly believe this. Choosing the perfect place and moment for this day is a monumental task. It's not every day that you organise a wedding. In most cases, it's something that happens only once in a lifetime. It is a choice that requires meticulousness, attention to detail and lots of time. NOTHING CAN BE LEFT TO CHANCE. The decision to make our location available for wedding days was not an easy one. We kept asking ou...

17 April 2022

One of the most beautiful scenic roads in the World

If the images speak, well, then the videos sing like tenors! Watch the video, explain everything already! Sometimes there is not even much need to talk. When you have a video like this, understand immediately what value it can have visit this place!     The strada della Forra one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Just take a look on the blogs of roads enthusiasts: it ranks among the top 25. It is a spectacular combination of tight bends and galleries ...

21 March 2019

But who's Backstage?

Maybe we haven’t told you everything... From what we’ve told you so far, you might have thought we were the only superheroes who managed to deal with everything to do with Garda Lake Collection. Running the hotels, contacts with suppliers, bookings... Eccetera eccetera eccetera. The list could go on and on, even longer than the toilet paper pulled along by the Andrex puppy (if you know what we mean!) Actually, there’s a very special person behind the sce...

13 December 2018

What is the Garda Lake Collection's dream?

WE HAVEN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING YET. This is the first ‘real’ article we’ve actually written. For those of you who don't know us, nice to meet you! We are Gianni and Carlo, the founders of the Lombardini Group. We are two siblings who grew up in Bellaria Igea-Marina and were raised with an overwhelming desire to do things and stand out. And although this seems to be the preface to an interesting adventure story, we’re not going to talk about this. To...

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