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17 April 2019

One of the most beautiful scenic roads in the World

If the images speak, well, then the videos sing like tenors! Watch the video, explain everything already! Sometimes there is not even much need to talk. When you have a video like this, understand immediately what value it can have visit this place!     The strada della Forra one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Just take a look on the blogs of roads enthusiasts: it ranks among the top 25. It is a spectacular combination of tight bends and galleries ...

21 March 2019

But who's Backstage?

Maybe we haven’t told you everything... From what we’ve told you so far, you might have thought we were the only superheroes who managed to deal with everything to do with Garda Lake Collection. Running the hotels, contacts with suppliers, bookings... Eccetera eccetera eccetera. The list could go on and on, even longer than the toilet paper pulled along by the Andrex puppy (if you know what we mean!) Actually, there’s a very special person behind the sce...

21 March 2019

What do in Salò and Surrounding areas

Dear Reader, it’s us again! We've back to share more information we think you'll find useful. We want to tell you about all the activities you can do if you stay in Salò or the surrounding areas.   THIS ARTICLE IS FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR A HOLIDAY NEAR SALÒ! On this page, you'll find interesting information about well-known places and hidden gems, and the things you just have to do during your stay on the Brescia shore of Lake Garda. Here are so...

08 February 2019

The 5 best places to visit on Lake Garda

Have you ever thought of going on a trip to explore Lake Garda? If so, have you ever wondered what the most beautiful things to visit are? In this article, we've decided to continue focusing on experiences and choose some that are really worth living. We've narrowed it down to 5, which we consider to be the most sensational to try on Lake Garda. 1 • Heller Garden - Website WHAT IS HELLER GARDEN? Heller Garden is an extraordinary 10000 m2 garden home to...

13 December 2018

What is the Garda Lake Collection's dream?

WE HAVEN'T WRITTEN ANYTHING YET. This is the first ‘real’ article we’ve actually written. For those of you who don't know us, nice to meet you! We are Gianni and Carlo, the founders of the Lombardini Group. We are two siblings who grew up in Bellaria Igea-Marina and were raised with an overwhelming desire to do things and stand out. And although this seems to be the preface to an interesting adventure story, we’re not going to talk about this. To...